World Cup Giants Brazil and Germany Meet Only 2nd Time in 84 Years

8 Titles, 13 Finals, 24 semifinals, 31 Quarterfinals 206 games of the total 2367 games played till the start of semifinal of the 20 editions of FIFA World Cup are shared between Germany and Brazil. Still the two giants have met only once in the World Cup. That too in the 17th edition at South Korea in the final. Tuesday’s semifinal is their second meeting in the 84 year history of FIFA World Cup. It is the revenge match for Germany in many ways, and with absence of captain and Neymar Jr., and presence of Klose, Germany appears strong enough to create another World Cup record and settle score with Brazil.

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Breakup of their Record in the World Cup

    8 Titles (5 for Brazil and 3 for Germany)
    13 Finals (7 each for both)
    24 semifinals (13 for Germany, 11 for Brazil)
    31 Quarterfinals (16 for Germany and 15 for Brazil)
    206 games (104 for Germany and 102 for Brazil)

They have also scored 436 goals, 220 goals for Brazil and 216 goals for Germany) of 2367 goals scored by overall 77 teams that have played in the 20 editions of World Cup. Their record is so overwhelming that the other two teams to have scored 100+ goals in World Cup history are lying below at 131 goals (Argentina in 75 matches) and 128 goals (Italy in 83 matches).

Head to Head
Brazil have an overwhelming record against Germans in the overall 21 matches, including their only World Cup matches, they have played.

    Played: 21
    Brazil: 12
    Germany: 4
    Draw: 5
    Goals: 63 (Brazil 39, Germany 24)

When They Met in 2002 World Cup Final
After a goalless first half, Ronaldo scored in 67th and 79th minute of the game and Brazil won 2-0.

    Coincidences: German key player Michael Ballack could not play the final due to yellow cards. For Brazil, Neymar Jr. is unable to play now.
    Ronaldo scored World Cup record goals (number 14th and 15th) in the final against Germany.
    Klose already at 15 goals, is awaiting to create the new world cup record of goals.

Revenge Factor

    The only match they have played was won by Brazil. Germany would target making it even with a win.
    Ronaldo created world record by breaking Muller’s 14 goals in World record. The two goals he needed to create the world record and reach 15 goals were scored in the match against Germany.
    Miroslav Klose now needs only one goal to break Ronaldo’s record. That will be another sweet revenge.

Both the teams are too strong to be weakened by the absence of one or two players. Yet, that applies when they play other teams, not each other. Being the two biggest giants of the World Cup, absence of key players does benefit the other team. Hence, absence of Neymar Jr. more than captain Silva has turned the tables in favor of Germany, which is already peaking up with excellent display. David Luiz will replace Silva as Captain of Brazil.

There are many stars in both the teams. Brazil is the host also. Neymar’s injury is their motivation too. Half the world will wear yellow today considering their popularity across the globe, and the entire stadium will root for them. Any other country would feel nervous just by that sight. But, Germany is not any other team. It is another giant. And, despite all the factors although Brazil will still not be a pushover, but Germany will win and create another World Cup record of reaching maximum 8 finals, leaving Brazil behind at 7 finals.

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