Flashback: India at Adelaide in 2012

Sehwag, Dravid, Tendulkar, Laxman with Gambhir could not stop the massacre in 2012 when India played last at Adelaide. Can Murali Vijay, Dhawan, Pujara, Kohli, Rahane and Rohit stop the massacre now!! India needs to bat for at least 2 and half days when Aussies decide to declare on third day. Sehwag’s men failed in 2012 by 298 runs. What will Kohli’s men do in 2014!!

Ind vs Aus 2014-15 Tour Schedule

Flashback 2012
India played the 4th and last test of their tour. Under Dhoni they had already lost the first three tests. Sehwag was the captain at Adelaide and India duly lost by 298 runs to register a rare rout.

Adelaide is known more for batting. Aussies scored 604/7 in 157 overs with double centuries from Ponting and Captain Clarke to prove it right. The same expectation was from the fancied Indian batting line up too. But they lasted only 95.1 overs and barely managed to reach 272 runs, with a century from Virat Kohli. Gambhir (34), Sehwag (18), Dravid (1), Tendulkar (25), Laxman (18), Saha (35) and Ishant (16) reached double figures.

Siddle with 5/49 destroyed the famed batting line up. Hilfenhaus (3/62), Harris (1/71) and Lyon (1/48) assisted him.

Deciding to give rest to bowlers, Aussies played 46 overs in 2nd innings and scored 167/5. Ponting remained unbeaten at 60. Indians needed to chase 500 runs. Better choice was to play 5 sessions and try for a draw. Instead, India needed just less than 4 sessions to accept defeat. They could play only 69.4 overs in which they scored 201 runs. Captain Sehwag scored 62, but Gambhir (3), Dravid (25), Tendulkar (13), Laxman (35), Kohli (22) and others could not stand long against 4/63 of Lyon, 3/41 of Harris assisted by 1/35 of Hilfenhaus and 1/47 of Siddle.

Will 2014 be Different
From the last test match, in bowling nothing changed. Bowlers changed as except Ishant others were new faces. But the scoreline may not reach 600 this time only because Aussies may be in a hurry to declare and second day was almost washed off due to rain. So, bowlers producing a repeat horrible performance, what will the Indian batsmen do!!

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