2017 Premier Wrestling League: Women Wrestlers by Weight and Results

9 wrestlers are participating in one weight category each in the Premier Wrestling League 2017. Every team has one wrestler of one specific weight category. Check who are those Women Wrestlers and how they performed in PWL Edition 2.

2017 Premier Wrestling League: Schedule and Results, Teams and Squads
List of Men Wrestlers and Performances by Weight

Teams: Jaipur Ninjas (JAI), Delhi Sultans (Del), Mumbai Maharathi (Mum), UP Dangal (UP), NCR Punjab Royals (Pun) and Haryana Hammers (HAR)

Tournament Statistics for Women Wrestlers
Undefeated Wrestlers

    1. Marwa Amri (HAR 58 KG 6 bouts including Final)
    2. Erica Wieb (MUM 75 KG 6 bouts including semifinal)
    3. Sakshi Malik (DEL 58 KG 4 bouts)
    4. Mariya Stadnik (DEL 48 Kg 4 bouts)

Lost All (more than 2)

    1. Kiran (HAR 75 Kg 6 bouts including final)
    2. Manju Kumari (PUN 58 Kg 6 bouts including final)
    3. Lalita Sehrawat (MUM 53 Kg 3 bouts Including semifinals)
    4. Sangeeta Phogat (DEL) and Pinki (UP) 53 Kg Lost 2 bouts each

Women Wrestlers by Weight and Their Tournament Performances
75 KG

    Erica Wieb Canada (MUM): Won (vs HAR, UP, PUN, JAI, DEL, PUN SF)
    Jenny Fransson Sweden (JAI): Won (vs PUN, DEL, HAR, SF HAR), Lost (vs MUM)
    Maria Marnaushuk Belarus (UP): Won (vs Har), Lost (vs Mum, PUN)
    Vasilisa Marzaliuk Belarus (PUN): Lost (vs JAI, MUM, MUM SF), Won (vs DEL, UP, HAR FINAL)
    Alina Stadnyk Ukraine (DEL): Lost (Jai, PUN, MUM), Won (HAR)
    Kiran India (HAR): Lost (vs MUM, UP, DEL, JAI, SF JAI, PUN FINAL)

58 KG

    Pooja Dhanda India (JAI) Won (vs PUN, UP), Lost (vs DEL, HAR, SF HAR)
    Sakshi Malik India (DEL): Won (vs JAI, PUN, MUM, UP)
    Apoorva Tyagi (DEL): Lost (Vs HAR)
    Sarita India (MUM): Lost (vs HAR, DEL), Won (vs PUN, UP, PUN SF)
    Geeta Phogat India (UP): Did not participate
    Manisha (UP): Lost (vs DEL, MUM, JAI)
    Manju Kumari India (PUN): Lost (vs JAI, MUM, DEL, HAR, MUM SF, HAR FINAL)
    Marwa Amri Tunisia (HAR): Won (vs MUM, DEL, JAI, PUN, SF JAI, PUN FINAL)

53 KG

    Betzabeth Arguello Venezuela (JAI): Lost (vs PUN, HAR, SF HAR), Won (vs MUM, UP)
    Sangeeta Phogat India (DEL): Lost (vs PUN, UP)
    Lalita Sehrawat India (MUM): Lost (vs HAR, JAI, PUN SF)
    Babita Kumari India Women (UP): Lost (vs HAR), Won (vs DEL)
    Pinki INDIA (UP): Lost (vs PUN, JAI)
    Odunayo Folasade Adekuoroye Nigeria (PUN): Won (vs JAI, DEL, UP, HAR, MUM SF), Lost (HAR FINAL)
    Sofia Mattsson Sweden (HAR): Won (vs MUM, UP, JAI, SF JAI, PUN FINAL), Lost (vs PUN)

48 KG

    Ritu Phogat India (JAI): Lost (vs DEL, UP), Won (MUM, SF HAR)
    Mariya Stadnik Azerbaijan (DEL): Won (vs JAI, HAR, MUM, UP)
    Carolina Castillo Hidalgo Columbia (Mum): Lost (vs PUN, JAI, DEL, PUN SF), Won (vs UP)
    Elitsa Yankova Bulgaria (UP): Lost (vs HAR, MUM, DEL), Won (vs PUN, JAI)
    Nirmala Devi India (PUN): Won (Vs MUM, MUM SF, HAR FINAL), Lost (vs UP, HAR)
    Indu Chaudhary India (HAR): Won (Vs UP, PUN), Lost (Vs DEL, SF JAI, PUN FINAL)

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