Asia Cup 2017: With A Match Each Left, All 4 Teams can Be IN or OUT

Dhaka is hosting one of the most interesting Asia Cup Hockey tournament ever. Nobody would have predicted how interesting the race to final in 2nd round of #AsiaCup2017 could get. 4 teams played 2 matches each against each other and still today while playing the last matches all 4 have a clear chance of either being out with a loss or in with a win. Only India has comparatively better position as even a draw can get it in. But, then it must remember that a loss may knock it out of the race to final. First time aspirant Malaysia has certainly made the calculations tricky. For the record, all the past 9 finals of Asia Cup has been played among only three teams: South Korea, Pakistan and India.

Men’s Hockey Asia Cup 2017: Schedule and Results

Even Malaysia can afford to be in just with a draw, but then India must defeat Pakistan.
2-time defending champion and overall 4 time champion South Korea needs just a win even if its by a solitary goal.
3-time champion Pakistan is not in with just a win. It must win with
—at least 3-goals margin (if Korea vs Malaysia produce a winner).
—just a win (if Korea vs Malaysia ends in draw)
1st-time final aspirant Malaysia needs
–a win to reach finals on own
–a draw (but then Pakistan must lose to India)
2-time champion India
-a draw secures final
-a loss by lesser than 3 goals keeps them afloat
-a heavy loss by more than 5 goals will certainly knock them out of race even if Malaysia and Korea play a draw

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