2017 Youth Women’s World Boxing Championship: Indian Girls Finish on Top Among 31 countries

The host Indians finished on top as 5 countries won the 10 Gold medals in the 2017 Youth Women’s World Boxing Championships held at Guwahati where 160 boxers from 31 countries participated. Overall 19 countries won at least one medal as after winning maximum 5 Gold medals, Indians finished on top of the medal table with 7 medals. All the finalists that included Nitu, Jyoti Singh, Sakshi Choudhary, Shashi Chopra and Ankushita Boro struck Gold. While Russia had the maximum 6 finalists, they had to finish second with 2 Gold medals as USA, South Korea and Kazakhstan won a Gold medal each. Russians finished 2nd with 6 medals.

Final Medal Tally

    India: 5 Gold, 2 Bronze
    Russia: 2 Gold, 4 Silver
    Kazakhstan: 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze
    USA: 1 Gold, 1 Bronze
    South Korea: 1 Gold
    England: 2 Silver
    Italy, Vietnam: 1 Silver Each
    China, Ireland, Japan, Turkey: 2 Bronze Each
    Australia, Chinese Taipei, Germany, Mongolia, Thailand, Poland, Ukraine: 1 Bronze each

Final Results

    1. Light Flyweight (45-48kg) Nitu (Ind) def Zhazira (Kaz)
    Bronze: Yuan (China), Fryers (Ireland)
    2. Flyweight (51kg) Jyoti (Ind) def Ekaterina (Russia)
    Bronze: Zhansaya (Kazakhstan), Rinka (Japan)
    3. Bantamweight (54kg) Sakshi (Ind) def Smith (England)
    Bronze: Irie Sena (Japan), Isamary (USA)
    4. Featherweight (57kg) Shashi Chopra (Ind) def Hong (Vietnam)
    Bronze: Hu (China), Namuun (Mongolia)
    5. Light Welterweight (64 kg) Ankushita Boro (Ind) def Ekaterina (Russia)
    Bronze: Thanchanok (Thailand), Katelyn (Ireland)
    6. Lightweight (60kg) Aeji (Korea) def Vittoria (Italy)
    Bronze: Ella Boot (Australia), Zhansaya (Kazakhstan)
    7. Welterweight (69kg) Ortiz (USA) def Nataliya (Russia)
    Bronze: Alina (Germany), Canser (Turkey)
    8. Middleweight (75 kg) Anastasiia (Russia) def Georgia (England)
    Bronze: Yang (Chinese Taipei), Natalia (Poland)
    9. Light Heavyweight (81 kg) Arailym (Kaz) def Rybak (Russia)
    Bronze: Yelyzaveta (Ukraine), Anupama (India)
    10. Heavyweight (+81 kg) Kristina (Russia) def Dina (Kaz)
    Bronze: Neha Yadav (India), Sahin Sueda (Turkey)

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