India Vs England 1936 Test Series: Statistics and Records

1936 Series saw Captain Allen becoming first bowler to take 10-wickets in India-England bilateral series. Hammond became the first batsman to score double century in India-England bilateral series.

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Ind Vs Eng 1936 Test Series: Results


    India bowled out below 100 for the first time, on 93 runs in 1st test.
    Captain Allen grabbed 5-wkt haul in both innings, becoming the first bowler to take 10-wkts in Ind-Eng Series.
    Hammond became the first English batsman to score double century against India.

Series Statistics

    Captains: G Allen (Eng), Vizianagaram (Ind)
    Wicketkeepers: Duckworth (Eng), Hindlekar (Ind)
    Best Batsman: Hammond (389), Vijay Merchant (282)
    Best Bowler: Allen (20), Verity (15), Nissar (11)
    Highest Team Score: 571/8 (Eng), 390/5 (Ind)
    Lowest Team Score: 93 (Ind), 134 (Eng)
    Centuries: 5 (Eng 3, Ind 2)
    Half-centuries: 11 (Eng 6, Ind 5)
    5wkts in inning: 6 (Eng 4, Ind 2)
    10wkts in inning: 1 (Eng)

Team Records:

    Eng Scores: 134 and 108/1, 571/8dm 471/8d and 64/1
    Ind Scores: 147 and 93, 203 and 390/5, 222 and 312 (f/o)
    Follow on: 1 (Ind)

Batting Records

    Highest Centuries: 2 by Hammond
    Centuries: 114 (Merchant), 112 (Mushtaq Ali), 167 & 217 (Hammond), 128 (Worthington)
    Highest Ind. Scores: 217 by Hammond

Biggest (100-plus) Partnerships

    203 1st Merchant and Mushtaq Ali (Ind)
    264 4th Hammond and Worthington (Eng)


    108 2nd Gimblett and TUrnbull (Eng)
    134 2nd Fagg and Hammond (Eng)
    127 3rd Hammond and Worthington (Eng)
    138 8th Robins and Verity (Eng)

Bowling Records
Best Bowling in an Inning

    7/80 Allen
    6/35 Amar Singh
    5/35 Allen
    5/43 Allen
    5/73 Sims
    5/120 Nissar

Best Bowling in a Test

    10/78 Allen in First test

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