Olympic 2012 Qualifier: Results of Women Hockey Matches

Check the results of all the Women’s Hockey matches held at New Delhi for the 2012 Olympics qualifier. South Africa qualified for the Olympics 2012, defeating India in the final.

Points Table
Qualifier Results

Women’s Match Results

    18th Feb
    South Africa def Poland 2-1
    Itala vs Canada 2-2
    India vs Ukraine 1-1
    19th Feb
    Italy def Poland 4-1
    South Africa def Ukraine 2-0
    India def Canada 4-1
    21st Feb
    Ukraine def Canada 5-2
    Italy vs South Africa 1-1
    India def Poland 3-0
    22nd Feb
    Italy def Ukraine 2-1
    Canada def Poland 1-0
    South Africa def India 5-2
    24th Feb
    Ukraine def Poland 1-0
    South Africa def Canada 4-1
    India def Italy 1-0
    25th Feb
    Place 5 & 6- Canada def Poland 3-0
    Place 3 & 4 – Italy def Ukraine 2-1
    Place 1 and Place 2 – South Africa def India 3-1

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